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Tessellation - Round 2

Carrie and Enoch Transmission
Global media, already found by various Agents of both factions

1218 Hank on RPE
Media not found

Physical Tessera, clue found by Operation Essex. Already found by an Enlightened, picture of it above

Media, already found by various Agents of both factions

Media, already found by some Agents of both factions

Media, already found by some Agents of both factions

Sources: https://community.ingress.com/en/categories/the-tessellation


06:06 26.10.19

Tessellation - Results Live 1

Umbra's Departure
Resistance - F06 - Incorrect
Enlightened - B07 - Incorrect
Nemesis - F07 - Correct!
Nemesis earn 2 points!

Myriad's ultimatum
Enlightened - B08 - incorrect
Resistance - D08 - correct!
Resistance earn 1 point!

Who killed Lightman?
Resistance - B10 - incorrect
Enlightened - B04 - incorrect
Nemesis - D04 - correct!
Nemesis earn 2 points!

Shards of Avenir
Resistance - D08 - correct!
Resistance earn 1 point!

Who Killed Victoria?
Resistance - F10 - incorrect
Enlightened - F01 - incorrect
Nemesis - E05 - correct!
Nemesis earn 2 points!

Enlightened - F07 - incorrect
Resistance - F09 - correct!
Resistance earn 1 point!

Updated scores:

ENL | 7
1 Physical deaddrop found (5) + 2 Discovery Points (2)

RES | 7
4 Discovery Points (4) + 3 Tesserae Positions (3)

NEM | 36
Headstart (30) + 3 Tesserae Positions (6)

Source: https://youtu.be/j6ncpcNQypw


17:05 24.10.19

Are you watching the Tesselation results livestream?



17:05 24.10.19

The answers for Andrew Krug's October AMA have been published. Here are the most important ones in our opinion.

Ingress Prime: issues and features
• Andrew Krug has the goal of re-establishing the Beta Program by the end of October. It will be composed by around 100 people.
• Engineers are working on the issues regarding server performance during massive events. It's quite tricky to resolve if the problem affects external services.
• The original goal was to make vibration consistent across iOS and Android, it will be re-tweaked and made more subtle on the latter
• The Portal Picture orientation issue should be fixed in v2.33.1.
• A read-only view of our Inventory on the Intel map has been discussed: its priority is not determined yet.
• Apple ID login will be implemented, as per Apple request, early next year
• Niantic has a program for sponsored Wayspots, Ingress needs to continue to experiment with different ways to increase its value, both to players and to the team. The player asking has proposed the program as an alternative for paid Anomaly Participation.

• The replacement for the Trusted Reporters program will be set in place shortly.
• Dark mode for the forum is being asked by the player support group to the platform vendor.
• In response to the complaint about lack of Niantic responses in the App Feedback forum section, Andrew says that Niantic is working on an updated experience for submitting bugs/feedback.

Read all the answers (including one directly involving our discussion group) at this link


13:01 24.10.19

Vanguards called the Agents to action for a Beacon Lighting in memory of Agent EllaMinnowPea.

Full details
Memorial TG chat


21:09 23.10.19

Krug says in his channel:

"In honor to Resistance Agent EllaMinnowPealet that starting today there will be a free 0 CMU Reawakens Beacon appearing the In-App-Store.
EllaMinnowPea immensely positive impact on the community, the team wanted to explore offering Agents a way to remember their friend."

His think this specific Beacon seemed fitting as a first step towards doing something for those who have given back to the Ingress community. Especially for Agent EllaMinnowPea since she enjoyed was Camp Navarro was about and the MAGNUS symbolism of this particular beacon.

Source: Krug channel


19:07 23.10.19

Ingress Update

We've identified an issue on Ingress 2.34.1 (currently in closed beta) and will skip its wider release. Ingress 2.35 will be the next available release version, and includes fixes for quickly creating portal links, improved XM visibility on high-end devices, a tentative fix for speedlock issues when Ingress is backgrounded, and more.

Thank you for your patience,


Source: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/6029/ingress-2-35-coming-soon


21:09 22.10.19