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If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's.

-Joseph Campbell

16:04 11.10.19

Edited poem


And I'm jailed
Inside a place called home
Where in absence of light
I try finding my voice
I feel sad today
Same reason I hate Sundays
And I hate all other holidays

Trust me I'll apologize
I'll show on my face
And my words shall yell
Yet inside my soul I just hope
You'll forgive the mistakes you think I made, ones only in your head
And I'll feed your ego
Trust me I'll apologize
Not out of love but out of threat

And please free me quickly
Forgive and let me go
As with passing time
My act shall fade
Bare face shall show
Resistance to tears you shed
Real emotions are long dead
Feeding the ogre daily
Keeping my self esteem at stake

I'll just smile and say my shoes are nice
And I'll buy the dress that only you liked
When shoes are the thing I really need
And I'll keep hearing a chant
Saying you're so lucky, you have me, I take care of all your needs

I don't like the way you react
Your terms and your conditions
Blindfolded I sign the pact
You pretend not to control me
And I buy the act
All under the name of obedience
The obedience says this is for my protection
Sweetheart most destructions are under the label of religion
I've ended my journey
No power to make decisions

I know this explanation would interpret as a rebel
Although you bang the door and floor my ambition
I keep quiet and mutter apology in different sentence formation and...

And ...
I'm jailed
Inside a place called home
Where in absence of light
I sit finding my voice
I feel sad today
Same reason why I hate Sundays
And I hate all other holidays


06:06 09.10.19

People… need to be needed by someone in order to live. If a person isn’t needed, they’re worthless!
– Moeka Kiryuu, Stein's gate

06:06 05.10.19

You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.
— Ray Bradbury

10:10 04.10.19

But to pay attention is to love everything.
— Sarah Manguso

08:08 04.10.19

18:06 02.10.19

Would you be proud of me
For I'm a fighter
Or would you pity
Because I fight my nightmares


17:05 02.10.19