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​​Grayscale cryptocurrency investment continues to grow

The director of sales and business development at Grayscale said that in the second quarter of 2019, the flow of investments in the cryptocurrency fund almost doubled.

Rayhaneh Sharif-Askary noted that in the second quarter of this year, the fund received $ 85 million of client funds, with 84% of this money coming from institutional investors.

Grayscale is one of the world's largest cryptocurrency asset managers. The fund provides several cryptocurrency trusts, which allows institutional clients to invest in digital assets, "as if they were traditional securities."

Sharif Askari has denied all myths that institutional investors keep aloof from cryptocurrencies:

“I am often asked about this. The media is constantly interested in when institutional investors begin to enter the industry when they begin to invest. It's funny because we see that institutional clients have been constantly investing with us for a long time. ”

Sharif-Askari also noted that she was pleased to launch a trading platform for institutional investors Bakkt and hopes for the emergence of new companies in the industry:

“We are a fairly small team and cannot be the only ones who train investors and provide access to this class of assets,” she said.

According to Sharif-Askari, in the second quarter of this year, institutional investors drew attention to altcoins - about a quarter of the investments were placed in altcoin trusts. Perhaps this signals that institutional investors have finally mastered the cryptocurrency industry.

In August this year, the investment company Grayscale Investments transferred its cryptocurrency assets worth $ 2.7 billion to the custody unit Coinbase.

06:06 27.10.19

🏘 ”C Estates” - real estate project, the launch of own IEO at Latoken

⏱IEO START October 31, 2019
⏱IEO END December 31, 2019

C Estates brings together people around the world to easily make transactions and conveniently buy/sell real estate. Regardless of whether you confirm the document, confirm notarization, confirm ownership of the asset, buy or sell real estate, or find someone who will manage the real estate, C Estates has everything to conduct your business in one place. Using the most reliable blockchain technology, everyone can now have a reliable way to make fast, secure and efficient transactions!

Visit the website for more information.


Sale -50%
April 01, 2019

🔥IEO bonuses

The first 5000 participants worth 3 ETH and above - 40% bonus
The following 10,000 participants worth 3 ETH and above - 25% bonus
Subsequent members worth 3 ETH and above - 15% bonus

Token cost: $ 0.012

❗️ Read the white paper

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05:05 21.10.19

Chartoken Round 2 (Char)

Reward: 1,000 ($ 30)
Rating: 5/5
Note: the total bet is 5 billion.
The token will be distributed in October.

Bot Airdrop Link

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Send your ETH wallet and get 1,000 Char tokens🤑

ℹ️ Additional information:
Chartoken is a financial investment project developed based on Blockchain technology. The focus is on digital assets with the goal of maximizing returns for investors and benefiting the community through charitable work.

10:10 14.10.19

​​Extreme fear among investors: sellers dominate

Fear and greed index is an indicator that reflects the moods of market participants, where zero value means "extreme fear", and the value of 100 represents "extreme greed".

The decline in the Bitcoin price turned the indicator into a red zone, but the situation has slightly improved: yesterday the fear index was equal to 15.

Factors are taken into account in the index: market volatility, market volume, social networks (analysis of Twitter posts), surveys, dominance, Google Trends.

Apparently, the combination of such factors as unjustified expectations from the launch of Bakkt, the drop in hashing speed, which frightened investors, the dependence of the Bitcoin price on the timing of execution of futures contracts, technical indicators and panic that came to the market, had a strong impact on the behavior of investors.

It is too early to announce the panic-sale, but it is obvious that the seller prevails in the market.

15:03 30.09.19

🛰 The European Space Agency will support the development of a blockchain-based satellite project

Blockchain startup SpaceChain won a grant of € 60,000 from the European Space Agency (ESA) to explore options for using the blockchain-based satellite wallet system.

ESA grant contributes to SpaceChain’s efforts to launch an ultra-secure distributed satellite network supporting multi-signatures into orbit. The company has already conducted tests to launch blockchain nodes in space.

The technology uses a system with three signatures - two terrestrial and one orbital, which is performed from a satellite. Each transaction requires at least two of the three signatures.

SpaceChain co-founder and CEO Zee Zheng said his company's satellite nodes are much safer than terrestrial networks that process transactions on the open Internet with data and protocol transfers over a direct line to the satellite.

“We don’t need access to the Internet to complete this kind of transaction, which eliminates many potential risks for hacking,” said Zheng.

“We are talking about a market in which more than $ 1 billion in cryptocurrencies was stolen last year. It will be much more difficult for hackers to commit theft in our system. ”

Zheng called the ESA grant an opportunity for the cryptocurrency community to learn more about blockchain space applications. He noted the high interest of developers in improving security.

“We want to use this opportunity to demonstrate how space and blockchain can interact,” Zheng said.

Several companies are trying to combine blockchain and satellite technologies at once. The Blockstream Satellite service, which allows Bitcoin users to transfer cryptocurrency via leased satellites, was launched by the company in August 2017, and at the end of last year the service was expanded to the Asia-Pacific region.

14:02 20.09.19

As a candidate for public trust, we offer Basic Attention Token, which is the native currency of the Brave blockchain browser.

Today, the price of BAT is close to its lows, but the project continues to develop:

▪️ In some countries, users of the desktop version of the browser may receive BAT for viewing ads.

▪️ BAT can be displayed and stored on Ledger and Trezor wallets.

▪️ The Brave Rewards platform was launched for BAT donors to content authors, even Wikipedia accepts them.

▪️ Brave outperformed Firefox, Opera, and Chrome among Japanese Google Play users.

What do you think about BAT?

08:08 15.09.19

Tether launches RMB stablecoin

Tether, which previously announced plans to release a new stable coin tied to RMB, is pursuing its intentions and announces the release of CNHT.

The new asset is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and is tied to an offshore renminbi (a currency used outside of China).

Also, as The Block learned, Tether plans to launch the stablecoin JPYT, pegged to the Japanese national currency, the yen, shortly.

According to analysts, CNHT will negatively affect the local crypto community, given the still rather tough position of the Chinese authorities regarding the industry. Tether, in turn, stated that the new asset would not become some kind of obstacle to local traditional currencies and financial priorities.

Recall, last week, Tether announced its intention to issue a stablecoin, secured by a basket of exchange-traded assets - gold, oil, rubber

07:07 11.09.19