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Telegram Beta Blog

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Not official but still informative 🌐 https://medium.com/tb-blog 👥 @tgrambetagroup Check out: @teleposter! Made by @jlelse. I'M NOT A TELEGRAM DEVELOPER NOR AM I A SUPPORT PERSON. PLEASE ONLY MESSAGE ME WITH TIPS OR WHEN IT'S REALLY NEEDED. THANKS!

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King Poroxy

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🔺️جهت تبلیغات 👈 : @Ads_Myporoxy ✔جهت ارتباط 👈 : @Khashayar021 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

فروش اقساطی خودرو

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در اینجا هر روز قیمت روز تمام خودروهای داخلی و وارداتی و شرایط فروش اعلام شده از سوی شرکت هارا قرار میدهیم و همچنین ارزش خرید خودروها را مورد بررسی قرار میدهیم تبلیغات پربازده👇 t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFPlyezn5u6eoRs6yw قبل ترک کانال انتقادکنید: @Tabkhoodro

[ Best MTProx ]

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🦋 گلچینی از بهترین پروکسی های روز تلگرام @Tablighat_mtproto تبلیغات پروکسی ورژن۲: 👇🏼👇🏼 @Version2_MT ربات دریافت پروکسی شخصی ( پر سرعت و بدون تبلیغات و بدون حتی یک لحظه قطعی. با تضمین بازگشت پول در صورت نارضایتی ) @BestDedibot .


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مملکته تنها مملکته خسته مملکته آغلادی گتدی یاتدی توییتر twitter.com/mamlekate فن‌پیج اینستا instagram.com/mamlekateofficial برای #الو هم اگر پیام‌ مهمی دارید از این آیدی استفاده کنید. پیشاپیش هم عذر می‌خوام اگه نرسیدم جواب بدم. گلهای گلین @mamlekate_pm

DrProxy.pro | DR Proxy Channel

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Digital Resistance Proxy Platform Russia: @DrProxyProSupport DR Proxy for all. (paused - exhausted finances)

كلاس تغذيه وتناسب اندام وزیبایی

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ادرس اینستاگرام👇 Instagram.com/pezeshki9121 کانال پزشک👇👇 🆔 @pezeshhk تبلیغات👇 @Ravabeta

PowerFul Proxy

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Collection of MTProto Proxies for Telegram. 🔴Do You Want to be a Proxy Sponsor? 🔵Made your own Proxy? 👨🏻‍💻 Add it to the List by contacting 🆔 Question And Buy Proxy : @PowerfulSupport ⚫️ Send Proxy : @PowerfulPoxyBot

Latest publications


A noteworthy new feature: Scheduled messages.

Before sending the message, long press the send button and select a time when the message should get send.

13:01 05.09.19

Beta 5.11

12:12 05.09.19

Telegram is six years old! 🥳

To celebrate, we locked six people in a room and gave them six hours to write this encyclopedia of Telegram (it took 24).


16:04 15.08.19

Telegram turns 6 years today. Throughout these years, Telegram stood up for freedom and privacy. We defended what we believe in against tyrannies, kleptocracies and corporations.

Today, 6 years after launch, Telegram is the third largest global messaging app in terms of the number of countries where Telegram is in top 10 Social Networking apps.

Let us celebrate today. Tomorrow we’ll get back to building new features. There’s a lot of exciting work left to do.

16:04 14.08.19

This is the latest beta APK ☺️

18:06 09.08.19

Today's update brings features to add a little peace, quiet and customization to your chats.

Hold down the Send button to deliver messages with a silenced notification. Your recipient will still see the alert, but won't be woken up or interrupted.

Display your claim to fame with custom admin titles and make group traffic more manageable with Slow Mode. Admins choose how often each member must wait before sending their next message.

Send a single ❤️, 👍, 😒, 😳 or 🥳 and watch as new animated emoji come to life. Toggle looped playback for animated stickers to decrease the RPM of your favorite reactions.

Add timestamps like 0:45 to video captions and replies to automatically create links that play the video from that specific moment.

Android has a fully-redesigned attachment menu, boasting bigger thumbnails and easy gallery access.

iOS users can now set accent colors for night themes, or choose a color-rich Tinted Night theme.

Buckle up, and read more about all the new changes here:

15:03 09.08.19