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Epic FAILs






memes outta my ass


No stealerino from anyonerino Contains too many possums @deus_vult_infidel for stuff @exitsentialpain group chat @golgethecat my kato Check out @ChiccinUnited for a lot of cool ppl





Stealing memes like a professionist Big mcthankies to @reddit2telegram for keeping the channel alive For inquiries: @Gaster69



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🅰️ngry GIFs 🔞


🏆 The Best GIFs Collection. 🔥 Creative, Funny, Awsome GIFs. 🤖 ➤ @AngryGifs_bot 🔔 Check ➤ @SmartGIFs ➤ @FunnyGifsChannel ➤ @gifec Creator: @GIFMasterRoBot 💰Buy ads @AdTodayRobot

Subh deals


Loot deals, Latest offers, Online money earnings tricks, Best offers, Tips&Tricks, etc Contact me :- @Subhdeals_bot


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The sickest, rudest, most offensive, inappropriate & politically incorrect jokes — we've got them all!

Battute e Meme Memorabili

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BMM unica razza, unica religione. Unisciti e diventa anche tu un memorabile. FOUNDER: @PugnoRabbioso Admin: @sir_veterax Tutti i link di BMM: @ZoneBMM Bot: @battutememememorabilibot Network: Telegram Italia Network ~ 28/06/2016 ~

eternal classic

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vk: https://vk.com/eternalclassic twitter: https://twitter.com/etrnl_classic ig: https://www.instagram.com/eternalclassic_/ mu! https://afterpiece.bandcamp.com/ feedback: @stek29 a a a a a @lurdann a a a a a

Ask Me

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Get Daily General Knowledge Questions and Answers. For advertisement : @askforads Partnership with: [ @FactGK & @updateee ] Admin : @askforads

Aladeen motherfuckers

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🔊Aladeen motherfuckers Keeping you smile up to date with funny memes 😝😝 gif anything you might miss Also making you smile 😂 u can send your funny memes gif @simadwyd share ➡️ this channel with your friends and invite let's make it more interesting

WallpapersGram™ 4K

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I migliori wallpapers per desktop in ULTRAHD. The world's best fullHD, 2K, 4K wallpapers for PC and iMac 💻 Canale principale: @WallpapersGram 🤖 @WallpapersGramHDBot Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WallpapersGram/


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For comments and suggestions To share funny pics Contact @private9999

የኛ ሰፈር ቀልዶች™

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This Is TGod Jeremiah your meme dealer https://www.instagram.com/tgodjeremiah/ Follow me on Instagram

WallpapersGram™ HD


I migliori wallpapers per smartphone in alta risoluzione. The world's best fullHD and 2K wallpapers for smartphone and tablet 📲 @WallpapersGram4k 🤖 @WallpapersGramHDBot Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WallpapersGram/


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Your own Memes centre. Memes | Memes | Memes

Ethio memes😂

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Memes are just like coffee ☕️ The darker the better 😎 Send us ur funny memes 1•ADMIN 👉 @HundaolN . 2•For_promotion 👉 @promotionDM . 3•New Optics 👓🇪🇹 🌼❤️ 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFGbSI3StsZkG-BPpw

ፈታ meme 😂

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ደማቅ ሀገር እንጂ ደማቅ ዘር የለንም ያለን ዘመን እንኳን ለጥላቻ ለፍቅርም አይበቃንም😏 Creator @natcrea Online shopping https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEOZtQp1jlH_r_CzQw


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😂 Прикол 😂

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💥 Прикол расмий канал 💯 📸 Прикол Расмлар 😂 🎥 Прикол Видеолар 😂 🎤 Прикол Аудиолар 😂 🎭 Прикол Латифалар 😂 🔥 Факат Энг саралари сизлар учун 👍 Admin @Prikol_admini ▪️ ▫️ ▪️ ▫️ ▪️ ▫️ ▪️ ▫️ ▪️


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👳🏻‍♂ من کدخدای آبادی تمام هدفم جمع آوری خُـل و چل های عزیز در یک چنل و رقم زدن لحظاتی شاد برای آن ها هستم 👳🏻‍♂ جهت رزرو تبلیغ 👇👇 🆔 @AloAbadi 📞


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آیدی جهت پذیرش تبلیغات درکانال نیشابوریا ایشون مسئول تبلیغاتن و ادمین اصلی نیستن لطفا در این پیوی چت نکنید و فقط مطلبتون رو با یک توضیح بذارید: @nishaburiyatabligh کانال تعرفه تبلیغات: @nishtb کانال دوم ما: @nishaburiyaplus

Mr. Do‘ppi

245.15K +91

Ўзбекистонда N1 канал Мистер Дўппи каналидасиз👳‍♀️ Энг тезкор воқеа ва хабарларни биринчилардан бўлиб хабардор қиладиган канал! Биринчи бизда кейин бошқа каналларда! Реклама пуллик! @Doppi_mr 👈Админ

Political memes

6482 +5

Mostly political memes Main languages ITA and ENG For inquiries (including but not limited to uncredited contents and suggestions) PM @politicalmemesbot 🇮🇹 Group: @mattarellone Friends (to be updated): @whitehousewatch 🇮🇹

Politically Incorrect

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Politically Incorrect Jokes: some are offensive, others clever but they're all politically incorrect! Business enquires: @pijadmin Feedback: @pijadmin @pij_clay @pijgb

Funny & Comedy Videos

53.48K +166

🤣Funny Videos & GIFs. No Matter what language you speak. This channel will make You Laugh. ➡️Some time i have to post ads to Grow the channel. ➡️If you have Some Gifs or Videos or FEEDBACK then Feel Free to Share with @CloudFlare . . . . . . #Leave


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CANAL DE HUMOR NÚMERO 1 EN ESPAÑA 🇪🇸, el primero en ofrecer humor de calidad. Mayores 18 🔞 Contacto/promos ✉ canalhumorofficial@gmail.com Agradece mediante nuestro link de afiliado de Amazon: https://amzn.to/2oFRKLS


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💦 Io sono Vaginatariano 🤖 Contatti: @SDPofficialBot 🌐 pastorizianeverdies.com/p/vaginatariano 🔗 @SessoDrogaPastorizia


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动图,视频,图片, GIF 联系我/contact us: @ChinaWay_feedback_bot

Jokes & Trolls

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Huge Amount of Doses Containing Jokes and Trolls Main Channel: @AmazingFacts012 To Contact Admins: @iLimited_Bot

Home of Fun

55.20K -23

Fun Is our Home Our Legacy @HomeofFun "Life is all about Fun" Join our Channels👇 @HomeofFun @SexyIntelligence @Ethioebay @AbyssiniaScholarship

😂 MEME St. 😂

60.24K +2

The Channel that brings U Self-made Funny😂 n Dirty🔞 Memes, Videos📽 & Gifs.. ➡️🔥Share & Invite ur Friends⬅️🔥 Memes made by => Heni97 <= 👇Follow ma Insta Page for More👇 http://instagram.com/aradameme

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