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is it wise to have 100% TRUST in your significant other?
anonymous poll

No – 1K
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 46%

I don't have a significant other😏 – 621
👍👍👍👍 27%

Yes – 596
👍👍👍👍 26%

👥 2272 people voted so far.

13:01 16.04.19

👉👉 First hide my identity. Admin post this one for me with comment portion if you could add. Here it is,I am a guy in a distant r/nship currently engaged and i love her so much. my girl and i have trust issues she says she don't trust me while i am faithful i cant believe she would think that but i accepted that it is due to the distance but now a days i heard that she is in r/nship with another guy i heard this from the guy i am thinking maybe it is because he tried and that is why he is doing this but when i try to talk to her about this she gets very angry and asks me to breakup because i dont trust her.
I do trust her but on the other hand the guy gave me one detail about her that he couldnt have known. also she says she cant be this much apart for this long with me..... I am loosing my mind here.
I have been with her for more that 2 yrs now and i cant believe she would do this but if this is true isnt it a sign that she is not right for me that i have wasted my time with her.
have anyone been through this i need genuine advices

13:01 16.04.19

👉👉 been playing pubg since season 2! my bestfriend introduced the game to me... eventually he got busy and stopped playing.. i started playing with randoms.. i encountered a squad,was a noob then.. they started teaching me and they were literally pampering me as i'm a girl.. soon they started fighting amongst themselves for me.. not wanting to ruin their bond i unfriended all of them.. since then i stopped using the microphone.. only the text communication.. solos aren't my thing because everyone keeps hiding.. squads move around.. so for me,squads are more fun.. i continued playing with randoms.. in the month of july 2018,one day a random teammate knocked me with a grenade.. i typed what the fuck in the chat.. he said he killed me for kar98 -_- i didn't spectate them and left.. i received friend request from the other guy in the same squad where i was killed,who happened to be the friend of teammate who knocked me.. i rejected the request like about 3-4 times.. he repeatedly kept sending the requests ..i accepted finally(let us call him X) ..he apologised on behalf of his friend..i said ok and we started playing..eventually upon repeated requests i turned my mic on and started talking with him.. i sensed his attraction to me.. so i kept him distant.. but he kept messaging me in game.. he used to wait for hours in the lobby just for me. we played squads mostly.. the other two guys were his pubg friends.. he kept asking me for my contact number which i didn't feel like sharing.. we became good game friends and he literally begged for keeping contact outside the game and i gave him my telegram userid.. slowly we became close and he added me to the whatsapp pubg group where everyone in my crew were there.. we became more like a family.. then came my exams.. i hardly played the game and barely messaged in the group.. when i was back i found X playing with other guys i don't even know.. i started feeling jealous.. as he didn't invite me even though i am idle.. i again started playing with randoms bumped into a guy who is really sweet(let us call him Y)..but i missed X so much..even though i texted him.. he replied baby next match..i got cringed.. and started playing with y.. y started flirting with me and kept ignoring but he is funny.. so x joined my team.. he saw y flirting with me.. he seemed jealous.. after the match he asked me why the y was flirting so much.. i told him not to worry as y has a gf and he was just messing around..he said ok... x got busy,he was offline when i was online and vice versa and slowly the distance between us increased.. i started missing him so much..we hardly played 3 games together in a week.. i was busy with my academics again.. projects,internals and exams.. when i was back i saw x playing with a girl.. this time i felt really possessive and started abusing x :( we are on and off since then.. he kept explaining that she was gf of his friend.. he was just a friend to her.. but i kept being harsh to him.. he started being rude as he got vexed up.. he even stopped playing with her.. we are on and off.. we fight every now and then.. i don't know when i fell for him but i realised when she came.. atlast i proposed him.. where he rejected me :'( once upon a time he sent synergy request for lovers to me in pubg..numerous times he told he likes me and he can't see me as a friend.. i thought he feels the same too :( but i was so wrong..fuck my first love :( no matter how much i try i can't get over him :( i don't even know why i'm posting this here.. that's all guys.. make sure your first love isn't on the internet.. mehh :|

13:01 16.04.19

👉👉 Hi ann i have confession
I never told this secret to anyone ...i am 18 lady when i was a kid my daddy(now he is died) was touch my pussy n at that time it was really nothing to me n my young sis also did n get wetty by touching me but i was around 12 in addition to this my younger sis (i have two sisters) also touch me n maturbate herself n i criticized why they all touched me badly . when i become mature i think about that moment n i start to blame myself n i also think about how could they do this? can masturbating make them so sensitive? N now i watch porns n get satisified i have this 2 problems . the one is i can't forget that moment n the second is i can't stop masturbating . so what can i do ? I really need some advices . i need to appreciate you . thanks ann

13:01 15.04.19

👉👉 I'm a doctor by profession, concentrating on oncology,I work in a premium hospital in my country, so most of my patients are highly successful people who are down with cancer, so mostly we have to attend 6 to 10 critical cases, as the time we treat is on course with their death in near future , most doctors have a undue influence over the person and his close family.
Now I'm 36 married with a lovely wife and a beautiful daughter.

But these days, I'm taking advantage of my patients assets and their family. Sometimes I have slept with their wife or had an illicit relationship for a short time ,or have manipulated their daughters at time. Nobody knows this ,but in hospital I'm known as one of the best and kind person, but secrelty I think I'm a monster.

13:01 15.04.19

I HAVE MY own money but i steal other people's chicken then
eat them WHOLE BY MYSELF. I HAVE no wife or CHILDren. I started this beHAVIOR WHEN I WAS
VERY LITTLE NOW AM MATURE BUT i have this tactic i deveLOPED
OF LURing the chiCKEN OF MY neighBOURS TO MY compound and
then devouring them BY frying or roasting. i TRIED TO raise my own chicken but the experience when eating them is not similar to when i lure them
to my compound it HARd to expLAIn. aM VERY LUCKY BECAUSE in my neighbourhood
there are many people with stray chicken so i take LIKe 3 per
week. May God forgive me I KNOW AM NOT NORMAL BUt i couldn't
stop So easily. Sorry for THE CAPITAL LETTER MY phone is also HAs a PRoblem
like ME.

12:12 02.04.19

👉👉 i have a confession, my identity six feet under would be an understatement. i have a best friend, a good friend we've known each other for two years now because we both teach in the same school. i have so many friends but she is different because unlike the rest she is very real, like over-real i thought she has a problem because there are those things you keep as a secret even to your best of friends. this happens a few weeks ago, i caught her pants down smoking weed in school after which she begged me not to tell anyone it was just "stress" she'll get over it. i despised that behavior because no one should smoke in school out of respect for the students and i condemned her. she promised that was the last one and she will never repeat again. she never did, naturally i started investigating her and while on duty together, this happened very very recently, i saw her smoking weed with a male student in the dark and that crashed me because even though am open minded, it's un-acceptable to me. i also have kids, not in boarding school but i have believes that are violating me. she has been a friend but am so close to reporting her but i haven't done it yet. what if they ask for evidence and i don't have any? what if they think am only doing that to destroy her life it will be a very awkward moment between us if no action is taken. am so violated from inside, it's either i do something or i ask for a transfer but this thing has been occupying my mind most of the time now

12:12 02.04.19