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Latest publications


✅ Bitcoin continues to trade sideways, the price dropped below $ 8,000. And the miners mined an 18 millionth BTC coin.

The situation with the launch of TON is still tense, the next hearing is scheduled for February 18, 2020, until that date any operations with the Gram cryptocurrency are prohibited 🤨

Weekly Digest:

🔸 Financial Times: Fidelity Investments financial holding company launched the launch of its custodial service for storing bitcoin

🔸 Binance: daily futures trading volume exceeded $ 500 million, and ETP trading based on BNB launched on SIX Swiss stock exchange

🔸 Libra Association, now already among 21 companies, signed the charter of the organization and announced the presence of 180 companies that are candidates for joining the crypto project Libra

🔸 Media: The CIX100 index has appeared on the Nasdaq stock exchange, the price of which is based on 100 cryptocurrencies

🔸 Research: from January 2017 to October 2019, Russia became the largest LocalBitcoins market with a result of 24.3% of all transactions. Second and third place: USA (17.8%) and China (13.1%)

🔸 Bermuda Authorities Allowed to Pay Taxes on Circle USDC stablecoin

🔸 According to the report of the crypto fund Grayscale Investments, in the III quarter of 2019, they raised $ 254.9 million. Of this amount, 84% comes from institutional investors 💰

🔸 Binance exchange burned BNB tokens for $ 36.7 million, that is, in the III quarter of 2019, the platform’s revenues amounted to about $ 186 million

🔸 International audit company Ernst & Young introduced a blockchain solution to fight corruption

🔸 ACINQ developers introduced a crypto wallet for mobile devices with Lightning Network support

🔸 The popular cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex detaches from Circle and becomes Polo Digital Assets. The site will refuse to work in the USA

The rate of major currencies:

Bitcoin $ 8,242 (↑ 3.44%)
Ethereum 175 $ (↑ 1.82%)
Ripple $ 0.290 (↑ 0.60%)
Bitcoin Cash 225 $ (↑ 5.56%)
Litecoin 54 $ (↑ 1.48%)
Binance Coin $ 18 (↑ 0.40%)
EOS 2.92 $ (↑ 1.64%)

Capitalization of all cryptocurrencies: $ 223 billion

04:04 21.10.19

✅ Bitcoin grew for several days in a row and on October 11 even tried to rise above $ 8,700. But the assault failed, after which the price adjusted to the level of $ 8,400.

The sensation of the week was the news about the ban on the launch of the blockchain platform Telegram Open Network by the SEC USA. Most likely this will cause the TON start to be postponed to a later date 😱

Weekly Digest:

🔸 Binance launched a P2P platform selling bitcoin and ether for RMB

🔸 $ 1.4 trillion class-action lawsuits filed against Bitfinex and Tether They are accused of violating the law on exchanges, money laundering, manipulating the price of bitcoin and cheating investors

🔸 Financial Times: eBay, Visa, Stripe, Mastercard and Mercado Pago quit Libra Association

🔸 The World Federation of Exchanges, which includes ICE, CME, Nasdaq, and 67 other exchange operators, asked the UK financial regulator not to prohibit the trading of crypto derivatives

🔸 Ripple rebranding: xCurrent and xVia products became part of RippleNet, and xRapid will be called simply a liquidity 😇

Block [.] One company introduced the EOSIO 2.0 update, promise to accelerate the blockchain by 16 times

🔸 Casa introduced the second version of the Bitcoin hardware node with support for the Lightning Network

🔸 Bitmain mining equipment manufacturer introduced the new ASIC S17 + and T17 + with a hash rate of 73 TH / s and 64 TH / s, respectively

🔸 US SEC rejects Bitwise ETF application from Bitwise, they are not discouraged and plan to re-submit it

🔸 The State Duma of the Russian Federation does not have time to adopt a law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies until November 1 🙃

🔸 Media: London over-the-counter trading platform B2C2 started trading in derivatives on gold with the calculation in BTC

🔸 Hacked SAFU Wallet browser wallet for tokens in the Binance Chain blockchain. Malicious code was detected in the application, with the help of which user funds were stolen

🔸 Keplerk resumed trading BTC vouchers at 5,200 tobacco kiosks in France

Exchange rate of major currencies:

Bitcoin 8348 $ (↓ 0.08%)
Ethereum $ 184 (↑ 0.77%)
Ripple 0.290 $ (↑ 4.03%)
Bitcoin Cash 227 $ (↑ 0.07%)
Litecoin 57 $ (↑ 1.48%)
EOS 3.15 $ (↑ 1.40%)
Binance Coin $ 18 (↑ 2.93%)

Capitalization of all cryptocurrencies: $ 226 billion

10:10 14.10.19

✅ Bitcoin continues to move sideways and the uncertainty factor remains in the market.

Saturday News:

🔸 Liechtenstein authorities passed a law that legalizes the use of digital tokens for the development of financial technologies

🔸 The first wholesale transaction for the purchase of bitcoins between Galaxy Digital and XBTO was conducted on the Bakkt platform, the amount was not disclosed

🔸 Litecoin developer Adrian Gallagher announced the imminent release of Litecoin Core 0.18.1 software, which included 100 important updates

🔸 LVC Corporation, the managing company for the Line messenger, and the financial holding Nomura Holdings announced the creation of a new blockchain alliance

The rate of major currencies:

Bitcoin 8113 $ (↓ 1.01%)
Ethereum 176 $ (↓ 0.80%)
Ripple 0.253 $ (↓ 0.32%)
Bitcoin Cash 222 $ (↓ 0.42%)
Litecoin 56 $ (↓ 0.71%)
EOS 2.97 $ (↓ 1.36%)
Binance Coin 16 $ (↓ 0.74%)

Capitalization of all cryptocurrencies: $ 217 billion

04:04 06.10.19

Saturday News:

Card Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson announced the advent of ADA coin staking since November this year

🔸 Ripple plans to create decentralized financial applications based on the previously acquired Logos Network platform. But what about the banks 🤨

🔸 arrived in the digital resistance shelf: Cloudflare's new development can redirect traffic and interfere with Roskomnadzor locks

Block Blockstream developer Rusty Russell said that a recently discovered vulnerability in the Lightning Network protocol allowed a fraudster to open a channel without sending bitcoins to the network

The rate of major currencies:

Bitcoin $ 8,202 (↓ 0.26%)
Ethereum $ 173 (↓ 0.91%)
Ripple 0.2417 $ (↓ 0.43%)
Bitcoin Cash 225 $ (↑ 1.27%)
Litecoin 55 $ (↓ 1.62%)
EOS 2.83 $ (↓ 1.00%)
Binance Coin 16 $ (↓ 0.13%)

Capitalization of all cryptocurrencies: $ 217 billion

06:06 29.09.19

✅ Bitcoin is trading 41% cheaper than the maximum price of 2019, and 59% less than its ATH. How long the sale will last is unknown, as well as whether there will be more discounts.

Friday News:

🔸 Binance crypto exchange introduced a platform for staking POS cryptocurrencies, you can already receive passive income with Stellar, NEO, Komodo, Ontology, Vechain, Qtum, Algorand and Stratis

🔸 US SEC spokesman Hester Pearce believes cryptocurrencies will become money for the Internet. But Bitcoin ETFs still do not approve ... 😇

🔸 Bloomberg: Normal cryptocurrencies may appear in the Central Bank of Venezuela, there are rumors about the possible addition of BTC and ETH to the reserves

🔸 Bitmain miner manufacturer introduced WDMM platform where owners of cryptocurrency mining equipment can communicate with owners of mining farms

The rate of major currencies:

Bitcoin $ 8,207 (↑ 1.84%)
Ethereum $ 174 (↑ 4.94%)
Ripple 0.2421 $ (↑ 0.29%)
Bitcoin Cash 222 $ (↑ 2.86%)
Litecoin 56 $ (↑ 1.14%)
EOS 2.85 $ (↑ 1.87%)
Binance Coin $ 16 (↑ 1.90%)

Capitalization of all cryptocurrencies: $ 218 billion

06:06 28.09.19

✅ During the week, the price of bitcoins fell by $ 300, but the capitalization of the entire market remained almost unchanged due to the growth of altcoins.

Top cryptocurrencies showed growth on Tuesday and Wednesday until Thursday morning, Bitcoin fell sharply in price and the entire market followed it into the red zone. So the season of altcoins ended early 🤨

Weekly Digest:

🔸 Chicago exchange Cboe withdrew (https://www.sec.gov/rules/sro/cboebzx/2019/34-86995.pdf) application for bitcoin-ETF from VanEck and SolidX

🔸 The leading German bank Deutsche Bank has connected (https://coinpost.ru/p/deutsche-bank-vstupil-v-blokchejn-iniciativu-iin-ot-jpmorgan) to the interbank payment network on the Quorum blockchain from JPMorgan 🏦

🔸 Binance opened its American division, residents of 13 states can trade BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, USDT and BNB

🔸 Japanese instant messenger Line officially launched its cryptocurrency exchange BitMax, BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, and LTC are available for trading

🔸 Swiss bank Arab Bank Switzerland opened (https://coinpost.ru/p/arab-bank-zapuskaet-nabor-servisov-dlya-kriptovalyuty) custody service for storing bitcoin and ether

🔸 Coinbase is considering (https://blog.coinbase.com/coinbase-continues-to-explore-support-for-new-digital-assets-70419575eac4) the possibility of adding support for 17 cryptocurrencies and Telegram is on this list 🤔

🔸 Ripple filed a petition with the court to close the case on the recognition of XRP as illegal security due to exceeding the statute of limitations

🔸 The financial conglomerate Bank of America has joined the Marco Polo blockchain consortium, which develops business solutions based on the Corda platform from R3

🔸 Media: In Lithuanian Narvesen stores and Lietuvos Spauda kiosks, they will sell bitcoin vouchers of 50, 100 and 999 euros

🔸 Zap Wallet developer Jack Mullers unveils Olympus solution to buy BTC from a bank card through the Lightning Network

🔸 Bitcoins available at 6,000 retail stores in the Philippines through Abra and ECPay partnership

The rate of major currencies:

Bitcoin 9955 $ (↓ 0.76%)
Ethereum 210 $ (↓ 0.83%)
Ripple $ 0.274 (↓ 2.20%)
Bitcoin Cash $ 306 (↓ 0.43%)
Litecoin 73 $ (↑ 0.80%)
EOS 3.81 $ (↓ 2.55%)
Binance Coin $ 20 (↓ 2.45%)

Capitalization of all cryptocurrencies: $ 263 billion

14:02 23.09.19

✅ The nightly drop in bitcoin turned into liquidation of $ 154 million on BitMEX. But by evening, the price of BTC returned to $ 10,000, which gives a chance for the continued growth of altcoins. Ethereum is already trying to use it 🤔

Thursday News:

🔸 Binance Exchange plans to open an OTC platform with fiat support, Chinese yuan will be in the list of available currencies

🔸 In the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia, the authorities are going to close all illegal mining farms, and those who pass the test will be taken away the benefits of paying for electricity 😱

🔸 Media: North Korea began developing its digital currency, and Turkey is going to create a national state blockchain platform

🔸 Bitcoin hash exceeded 100 EH / s

🔸 There is such a thing: Ethereum co-founder Stephen Nerayoff was detained by the US police on suspicion of blackmail and extortion of cryptocurrency from an ICO project, which threatened to ruin its reputation 🚔

🔸 Swiss bank Arab Bank Switzerland opened a custody service for storing bitcoin and ether

The rate of major currencies:

Bitcoin 10,190 $ (↑ 2.84%)
Ethereum $ 218 (↑ 3.79%)
Ripple 0.291 $ (↓ 0.56%)
Bitcoin Cash $ 317 (↑ 1.95%)
Litecoin 76 $ (↑ 1.76%)
EOS 3.91 $ (↑ 0.84%)
Binance Coin $ 21 (↑ 1.63%)

Capitalization of all cryptocurrencies: $ 270 billion

14:02 20.09.19