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02:02 24.09.19

Electrical | High Voltage Engineering
📓[PDF] High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering By Ravindra Arora and Wolfgang Mosch

15:03 14.09.19

Control System | Electrical
📓[PDF] The Control Techniques Drives and Controls Handbook Second Edition By Bill Drury

12:12 12.09.19

Electrical | Power Plant Engineering
📓[PDF] Power Plant Engineering Third Edition By P K Nag

12:12 12.09.19

Electric Circuits | Electrical
📓[PDF] Electric Circuits And Signals By Nassir H. Sabah

05:05 08.09.19

Electrical & Electronics | Power System
📓[PDF] Power System Operation and Control by S. Sivanagraju & G. Sreenivasan

05:05 08.09.19

Electrical | Electrical Distribution
📓[PDF] Industrial Power Distribution Second Edition By Ralph E.Fehr

15:03 06.09.19