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12:12 22.10.19

This book covers challenges and opportunities related to solar-energy based systems. It covers a wide variety of topics related to solar energy, including applications-based systems such as solar thermal systems that are focused on drying, desalination, space cooling, refrigeration, and processing; recent advances in solar cells (DSSC) and photovoltaics; technologies for storage of energy (both sensible heating as well as latent heating); and the design of concentrated solar receivers. The information is presented in the context of the overall global energy utilization, and the role of solar energy has been highlighted. The contents of this book will be of interest to researchers, professionals, and policymakers alike. 

12:12 17.10.19

Solar Energy : Systems, Challenges and Opportunities - Himanshu Tyagi


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12:12 17.10.19

Solar Energy : Systems, Challenges and Opportunities - Himanshu Tyagi


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12:12 17.10.19

This book is a critical work of synthesis and interpretation on one of the central themes in modern Indian history - agrarian change under British colonial rule. Sugata Bose analyses the relationships between demography, commercialization, class structure and peasant resistance unfolding over the long term between 1770 and more recent times. By integrating the histories of land and capital, he examines the relationship between capitalist 'development' of the wider economy under colonial rule and agrarian continuity and change. Drawing most of his empirical evidence from rural Bengal, the author makes comparisons with regional agrarian histories of other parts of South Asia. Thus, this study stands on its own in the field of modern Indian social and economic history in its chronological sweep and comparative context and makes the complex subject of India's peasantry accessible to students and the interested non-specialist.

08:08 17.10.19

The New Cambridge History of India : Peasant Labour and Colonial Capital - Sugata Bose


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03:03 17.10.19