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​​History does not predict the future

Correlation does not prove causation.

Just stating a few potentially loosely related events.

In Oct 2013, China CCTV first featured bitcoin, $BTC hit its ATH 2 months later in Dec at $1000.

(A few months after this, I sold my house and went all-in on $BTC at $600. And 2 months after that, $BTC price hit $200, and stayed there for about 2 years.)

In Jan 2016, Chairman of Central Bank of China says Blockchain is important. Bitcoin companies in China suddenly all became blockchain companies. And thankfully (for me), price started to recover, and lead into the #altszn in 2017, as well as $BTC ATH again at $20,000 in Dec.

Today, President Xi Jinping stated strong support (or necessity) for blockchain development by China.

Not making any predictions, draw your own conclusions.

We are still here.


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