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The adidas NYC Flagship is the largest adidas store in the world and debuts the stadium concept—the purest physical manifestation of the brand. The design sets the mark for a completely new retail direction that aligns with their invigorated brand strategy of focusing on their target consumers; this is a space made by creators, for creators.

The athlete’s journey with adidas begins as the consumer enters the store through the stadium tunnel. The tunnel entrance is flanked by a two-tiered stadium stand assembly that faces out to Fifth Avenue. The stands encourage gathering, watching live broadcasts of games, viewing demonstrations and lectures by the pros, sharing product innovations, and socializing. Whether the consumer moves up or down, they’ll encounter open areas to try on and test shoes and apparel. A print shop in the cellar and miadidas on the third level invites consumers to be creators through customization.

The areas under the stands on either side of the central entry contain the in-store only product, a nutrition bar, and a city map highlighting other must-see spots. Additional elements that tell the story of the stadium concept include the overhead concourse metal-mesh ceiling element that orients shoppers on each floor and ticket booth cash desks with fixed queueing stanchions and large overhead canopies. Adjacent to the fitting rooms are the athlete lounges furnished with locally-sourced vintage pieces and decorative elements that tie back to NYC. Even the restrooms take notes from the local NYC fabric using a combination of CMU block, white subway tile, and red blaze quarry tile for the floors. The spaces are nods to both the high school restroom and the gritty texture of NYC streets.

The flagship design achieves a tangible expression of a creator space and presents a raw manifestation of a high school stadium. Every element within the space has been rigorously challenged to conform to this aesthetic vision, and the culmination of this approach results in a soulful and honest reflection of sport, authentically connecting to the target consumer. Creativity is the primary message that resonates throughout the space, presenting adidas as the facilitator to enable the athlete to create and achieve whatever they put their mind to.

👥 Gensler

⛩ adidas NYC, 2016
🇺🇸 New York, United States


10:10 25.09.18

On the left banks of the river Iller a new, highly efficient hydro – electric powerstation substituted an older powerstation from the Fifties by now supporting approximately 3000 households with 10,5 million kilowatt – hours of environmentally friendly power per year. Specialised engineering consultants had nearly finished planning the project, until the authorising agency demanded a design, that would fit in a subtly manner into the listed building ensemble of a former spinnery / weavery and the natural space of the Iller.

The starting point of the design considerations was the symbolic representation of the water dynamics, which change from a calm state at the water inlet to the churning and pitching of the water near to the turbines, before subsequently returning to a calm state after the electricity generation.

Despite the huge dimensions a very differentiated formation was created, that on the one hand assimilates the surroundings and on the other hand a self – confident building is now existing, that will get part of a later public hydro-power experience. Public frequency is the consequence of a new continuous track for pedestrians and cyclists along the former weavery and provides an greater impulse for the further contribution of the city towards its river.

👥 becker architekten

⛩ Hydro-electric Powerstation 2010
🇩🇪 Kempten, Germany


06:06 19.09.18