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​​Wall Street Crypto News 📯

📌 Today Rad Day in Crypto Market, Capitalization loses 15 Billion, which is -7% From All Market Cap.

📌 Litecoin developers introduced an update that will add anonymous payments based on the MimbleWimble protocol through digital fork via digital fork.

📌 ex-CFTC chief Christopher Giancarlo says CME’s launch of bitcoin futures has been approved to crash the cryptocurrency market.

📌 ICO Telegram investors will not demand a refund and will wait for the completion of the proceedings with the US SEC

📌 Mark Zuckerberg promised not to launch Libra without the permission of regulators but warned that while they think - China can create its own digital currency.

📌 Following the introduction of AML / KYC procedures on LocalBitcoins on October 1, trading volumes fell 25%.

📌 UNICEF cryptocurrency charity fund uses donations to connect schools around the world to the Internet.

24h Global Market Data👇🏻

19:07 23.10.19
102.66K -293

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