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​​Wall Street Crypto News 📯

📌 Blockchain-hype in China led to strong growth of shares of local blockchain companies. Bitcoin also got a little fame, the number of “bitcoin” searches in WeChat doubled.

📌 Bakkt trading platform plans to launch a cryptocurrency payment application in early 2020. First of all, Starbucks coffee shop chain will be connected to it.

📌 Bloomberg: The number of payments using the stablecoin USDT is growing in the online gaming and cannabis industries.

📌Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong noted the increasing popularity of the decentralized finance sector Over the past 12 months, the number of blocked esters in DeFi applications has increased from 900 thousand ETH to 3.3 million ETH.

📌 The representative of the Chinese government spoke out for the development mining in Sichuan. But the hash of the network, on the contrary, drops and has already dropped to 78 EH / s.

📌 From October 31, KuCoin crypto exchange will add margin trading function.

24h Global Market Data👇🏻

19:07 28.10.19
102.66K -293

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