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A Complete Destination For All Sort Of Ebooks From Telegram ➕ #Magazines ➕ #Comics ➕ #Novels ➕ #Educational ➕ #Ebooks ➕ #Audio Disclaimer : All the contents are taken from Telegram App.

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Books Mania

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This channel is for Teachers and Students and Readers 🚹 facebook.com/educationmania1/ Group: @share_us FOR MORE INFORMATION ℹ️ info@booksmania.net

Indian Books™

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Lose yourselves in the amazing world of books. #DMCA Disclosure : https://tgct.ws/IndianEbooksOfficial/3 Important Announcements : t.me/IndianEbooksOfficial


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Hand picked books! Channel Terms: t.me/BooksThief/5877 #DMCA Disclosure: t.me/tgweb/40 Donations: t.me/BooksThief/5876 Check: #guide Requests👇 @BooksThiefBot">@BooksThiefBot Partner: • @BooksBag@BooksLog 📲 Contact us - @BooksThiefBot">@BooksThiefBot 🌐 @tgWeb Network

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Your favorite audio books at one place..... The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who can't read! Ebooks: @bookwormET

My Pustak™

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Lose yourselves in the amazing world of books. #DMCA Disclosure : https://tgct.ws/MyPustakOfficial/5 Important Announcements : t.me/MyPustakOfficial Donations : https://tgct.ws/MyPustakOfficial/4 📲 Contact us - @MyPustakBot

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All engineering books available here! Join us and please rate us! https://tgct.ws/EBooksReq Request books over here! 👆 For advertisements and promotions contact @enggebookzbot

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